Blacktip Shark ShootoutBlacktip Shark Shootout

2019 Tournament Rules

  1. All entry fees must be paid in full before 5pm, June 8th
  2. After 5pm on June 8th, entry fees are non-refundable
  3. Only registered anglers will be allowed to take part in this tournament. Alternates may only be added by contacting the tournament chairman, Phil Pegley, at (813) 416-6296
  4. All rules and regulations of salt water fishing will apply at all times, and knowledge of these rules are the angler’s responsibility
  5. Boats may be on the water before 6pm on June 8th. However, all shark fishing is prohibited before 6pm for all anglers affiliated with the tournament.
  6. Time allotted for tournament shark fishing is between the hours of 6pm on June 8th and 3pm on June 9th .
  7. This tournament is catch-and-release only. No harvesting of sharks.
  8. Hook-and-line is the only method permitted to catch black tip sharks in this tournament. No netting, long-lining, throw hooks, or use of hard gaffs. Fishing line must have a minimum breaking strength of 50lb. test, and must be used with non-stainless circle hooks.
  9. The fishing area is limited to Tampa bay waters inside the Skyway Bridge.
  10. Teams are allowed to strategize with each other, but point-sharing is not allowed.
  11. In the case of inclement weather conditions, the tournament committee will decide to delay, postpone, or re-schedule the tournament. It is up to the captain’s judgment to decide a vessel’s seaworthiness, and if conditions are favorable.
  12. Members of the tournament committee are eligible to fish in the tournament, and are held to the same set of rules and regulations as other anglers in the tournament.
  13. The tournament will have a designated VHF channel and contact number for teams to verify their catch. All information must be factual and accurate.
  14. All entries must be at the check in station promptly by 3pm on June 9th, at Royal Palm Banquet Room at the Little Harbor Resort.
  15. First, second, and third place winners will be determined by the longest relaxed length of one black tip shark. Each team is only allowed one entry. The judges must be able to see a BTSS measuring device (issued to anglers at the captain’s meeting) and both ends of the shark, with the device touching the shark’s nose, in the same photo. All photos must be time stamped.
  16. In the event of a tie, the higher level trophy will be given to the team that weighs in first.
  17. Cash payouts will be determined by the number of registered and paid boats. Cash prize is applicable to the top three teams; remaining monies go to operating costs and the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.
  18. The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Little Harbor Resort, sponsors, organizers, or committee members of the Black Tip Shark Shootout are not held responsible for any damage, injuries, or deaths during the tournament. A Release and Hold Harmless agreement must be signed prior to the tournament date by every angler and participant, or a parent or guardian on behalf of any minor angler or participant.
  19. The tournament committee reserves the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason
  20. Any violation of tournament rules may lead to possible disqualification by the tournament committee. All decisions made by judges are final.